The strength and originality of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants lies in the relevance of its geographical network and the level of expertise of its voters, who together comprise The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy. The world is divided into 26 regions, each region contains 40 voting members, one of which is the Academy Chair. The Academy Chairs, who are responsible for assembling their voting panels, are unpaid and are the only voters made public. Their role is to recruit a broad selection of expert voters, under the tight guidelines of the 50 Best organisation. The Academy is made up of 50% female voters and 50% male voters.

These panels, made up of equal parts highly informed chefs, food media and well-travelled gourmets, are reconstructed year after year as a minimum of 25% of each panel is replaced annually. Each voter submits the 10 restaurants in which they had their best dining experience in the previous 18 months. At least 4 of those restaurants must be located outside their home region. 50 Best performs a simple calculation of the votes to form the list in a process that is adjudicated by Deloitte. The results are kept strictly confidential until the awards ceremony.

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